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Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

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Different express companies oversize fee schedule

Different express companies oversize fee schedule

Additional charges limitation factor price
Fuel Surcharge Each package is levied, the basis of levy is basic fee + all surcharge 7.00%
Additional Handling  1. The longest side exceeds 48inch USD7.50
2. The second long side exceeds 30inc
3. The actual weight of the product exceeds 70lb USD7.20
4. The packaging is cylindrical, drum, barrel, tire and other special shapes USD7.50
5. No packaging or packaging with plastic film or cloth
6. The outer packing box is made of metal or wood
7. Other special packaging (please confirm with West Post in advance)
Oversize Surcharge 1. Length+2*Width+2*Height>130inch USD45.00
2. The longest side exceeds 96inch
Unauthorized OS  1) The billable weight exceeds 150 lbs USD875.00
2) Longer than 108inch
3) Length+2*Width+2*Height>165inch
Ground DAS Contiguous.U.S.  USD1.33
Ground Extended DAS Contiguous.U.S.Extended USD1.56
Direct Signature Select signature service when placing an order USD5.25
Adult Signature Choose adult signature service when placing an order USD6.35

1. The yellowing fee is a regular surcharge, and it is recommended to include it when calculating the fee. , The
2. If there are other expenses, they shall be reimbursed and reimbursed
3. If you have any questions, please contact Aotong customer service in time. , The
, The
UPS operating requirements and some surcharges

A) Part of UPS surcharges
1. Remote surcharge: according to RMB 4.5 yuan/KG* fuel, the minimum charge is RMB 195 yuan/ticket* fuel;
2. Address change fee: RMB77 yuan/piece, up to RMB273 yuan/vote;
3. Customs prepaid handling fee: RMB 150 yuan/ticket;
4. Refusal to return the handling fee: RMB78 yuan/ticket*fuel;
5. Overweight surcharge: RMB 40 yuan per piece; (see item B below)
6. Exceeding limit surcharge: according to RMB 388 yuan/piece* fuel; (see item C below)
7. To pay the handling fee for refusal to pay: RMB 80 yuan/ticket;
8. Weekend delivery fee: according to RMB 100 yuan/ticket, as long as you choose, UPS will charge this fee regardless of whether it is done or not;
9. Express expedited fee: RMB 320 per ticket; (choose UPS global express expedited fee)
10. Declaration of insurance premium: the rate is 0.42%, the minimum is RMB50/ticket; for shipments exceeding RMB777 per ticket, you can choose the additional protection of the declared value service to protect your goods from the risk of loss or damage. Every increase of RMB777 in the value of the goods will be charged at RMB3.2, that is, insurance premiums will be declared;
11. Residential area delivery: The local recipient address is a residential area (all countries), and a minimum of RMB 25* fuel/ticket is required. To

B) UPS non-standard packaging must be charged RMB 60 yuan/piece (if multiple conditions are met, only one RMB 60 yuan is charged)
⑴ If the unilateral length exceeds 122CM, or the secondary length exceeds 76CM, an additional RMB 100 yuan/piece will be charged;
⑵Metal or wooden items that are not UPS packaging materials and cylindrical items that cannot be completely packed in general cartons, such as wooden barrels, drums, cylinders or tires;
⑶If a single piece (actual weight) exceeds 32KG, an additional RMB100/piece is required. To

C) UPS extra large package will charge RMB 388/piece* fuel oil
⑴ If the sum of side lengths (1 length + 2 width + 2 height) exceeds 330CM, an additional 388RMB/piece* of oil is required, and the minimum chargeable weight of this piece of cargo is 40KG/piece;
⑵ UPS will not be carried if it exceeds the maximum limit of UPS. If it has been transferred, it will be charged RMB388/piece* oil, which meets the C(1) and B standards, and the two surcharges will be charged at the same time;
(3) The maximum limitation is shown in any of the following conditions: one side exceeds 270CM, one piece exceeds 70KG, and the sum of side lengths is less than 419CM (ie 1 length + 2 width + 2 height <419CM). To

D) UPS billing weight collection
Weight calculation: The total chargeable weight of one-ticket and multiple goods is calculated based on the larger of the actual weight and volumetric weight of each package in the waybill, and is calculated as 0.5KG for less than 0.5KG, and 1KG for each package. The billable weight is: the sum of the billable weight of each package. For example, the information of 3 pieces of one shipment is as follows:
Actual weight Volume weight Billable weight
The first item 15.1KG 8.1KG 15.5KG
The second shipment 10.1KG 20.1KG 20.5KG
The third shipment 20.6KG 16.6KG 21.0KG
The total billable weight is: 15.5+20.5+21.0=57KG

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